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Gavin Shuker

Gavin was born in 1981 and grew up in Luton, with his father and grandfather working at the Vauxhall plant which dominated the town, and continues to produce vans to this day. He went to local state schools in the town, before receiving a bursary to study Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge.

Serving as a Member of Parliament was Gavin’s first job in politics. Prior to being elected, he worked for a local church. He is Patron to Stepping Stones, a charity in Luton dedicated to supporting women who have suffered abuse, or are affected by substance misuse, offending, or poor mental health; and serves as Chair of Luton Against Sexual Exploitation.

Outside of politics, Gavin enjoys travel, cooking and following Formula One. He has a young daughter and lives in Luton with his partner, Amy.

In Parliament:

Gavin was first elected as the MP for Luton South in 2010 at the age of 28. He increased his majority in each subsequent election and in 2017 received nearly two-thirds of all votes cast. In his first term as an MP, he was appointed Shadow Minister for the Environment in 2011, and was made Shadow Minister for International Development in 2013.

In February, Gavin left the Labour Party and became an Independent MP, saying he could no longer belong to a Labour party which had been captured at every level by the extreme hard-Left, was enabling a hard Tory Brexit and was no longer the broad church of voices and opinions it once was. The party has become intolerant, narrow-minded and a danger to our national security.

Gavin served on the Women and Equalities Committee and in the All Party Parliamentary Group on Prostitution, where he has been an outspoken advocate for ending sexual exploitation of women and girls and for strengthening the laws around human trafficking.

Gavin Shuker

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