I’m Gavin Shuker and I was first elected to represent Luton South in parliament in 2010. I’m standing in this general election as an Independent. Here are three things that it’s vital you know, before you vote!


I’m the local choice. I have lived in Luton all my life. I’ve been hard at work for you, for nearly a decade.

And in this coming election, I’m standing as the Independent candidate. That means I don’t work for the political parties: I only work for you.

That matters right now because our parties have changed beyond measure. All they offer is hard-left or hard-brexit.


We all know the Labour party has changed.

The hard-left clique that have taken over the Labour party now want to repeat that exercise in the country. They’re a threat to our national security, turn a blind eye to antisemitism - and you can’t trust them on the EU.

Jeremy Corbyn’s hand-picked candidate in this seat backs him all the way. Labour thinks this is a safe seat, and are taking your vote for granted - even choosing someone that backs Brexit, despite the harm it will do.


The other choice is a Tory who will slavishly back Boris Johnson’s hard-Brexit too!

In Luton, we know the damage leaving the EU will cause. That’s why I’ve fought it, unlike the Labour candidate and the Tory candidate. I’m for a deal that protects Luton’s jobs, and opportunities for young people.

If like me, you feel hard-left Brexit or hard-Tory Brexit is no choice at all, back the local choice. Back our town. Lend me your vote on 12 December.

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