Applications for 2017 Summer School

Gavin Shuker is calling  for local young people and local charities to apply to his Summer School.

The School has so far trained over 100 young people interested in politics and campaigning. This year the programme will run from Monday 24 July – Friday 18 August 2017, and will include a day in Parliament, a four-day residential course and three weeks spent working with a charity in Luton. The young people will gain an insight into political life and will have the opportunity to meet high profile politicians.

Applicants to the programme should be aged from 18-24 at the time of the Summer School. They do not have to be members of the Labour Party but do have to be interested in politics. There is no cost to participants although they will have to arrange their own accommodation in Luton if they do not live in the town. All accommodation and most meals during the first week residential course are covered.

For those applying who require accommodation, this is available from at the University of Bedfordshire for a fixed cost and we have a limited bursary to help in the most difficult of circumstances. Contact us for more details.

We particularly welcome applications from women and those of ethnic minority background.

Application details will be published here on Saturday 29 April 2017.

Gavin  is also calling for local charities to apply to take part in the Summer School. The charities that participate will have access to the enthusiasm and skills of 8 young people for a period of three weeks to assist with a campaign of their choosing. In the past groups have organised awareness and fundraising operations in the town centre.

Charities wishing to apply should send a short application, of no more than 500 words, outlining the work that they do, details of the campaign they would like the Summer School participants to be involved in, and the support and advice they could provide for the young people during the three weeks. All applications should be sent to Farah Hussain at [email protected].





Gavin's Summer School Tour - Immersive-2Gavin's Summer School Tour - ImmersiveGavin’s Summer School tour

In early 2015 Gavin launched his Summer School tour, re-visiting five of the local charities and community organisations involved in the project over the last four years.

He paid a visit to LAMP, the London Road Resource Centre, the Luton food bank, Mind BMLK and Age Concern Luton, all part of the 2011-2014 Summer Schools.

Gavin heard about what the charities have been up to since taking part in the project, and asked what they have planned for the future.

Click here to see what he got up to and what the charities had to say.

Summer School profiles

Want to find out more about what it’s like to take part in a summer school? Read the profiles from three of our previous summer schoolers on how they got involved, what they got out of the experience and what they’re up to now.


Alaina Willis, who comes from Devon, heard about the project from the W4MP website. As part of the 2014 Summer School she worked with Level Trust.

1979214_10152300310389375_1576915724_o (2)What made you decide to apply to the Summer School?

“I’d been a member of the Labour Party for a couple of years prior to going on the summer school, including sitting on the committee of Kent Labour Students as BAME officer, and I wanted to be more involved in politics.”
What did you enjoy most about the Summer School?
“For me it was the range of activities the school had. The first part of the residential was great in getting to know your peers and I liked the sessions hearing from different people involved in politics, including a local MEP. Equally, visiting Parliament was a highlight for me as it was my first time. The varied structure of the programme is what I liked. My group and our project was great as politics and being an MP is about representing your community, it’s community work in a sense, and that’s what I had the chance to do whilst being in a political atmosphere.”
What are you doing now?
“Because of the demands of my university course I have had to take a step back from politics which has meant I’ve had less time to get involved with Kent Labour Students, but I still attend when I can. I’ve recently campaigned in Rochester and Great Yarmouth. I plan to complete my course and have a career in the health and social care field. I want to be as active as possible in the Labour Party, continuing to campaign and maybe standing to be a councillor.”


Tom Phipps who lives in Bristol, heard about the Summer School through the W4MP website. Thomas worked with Rett UK.

PresentationWhat made you decide to apply to the Summer School? 
“I really didn’t know what it was going to be but I had previous experience of working with an MP and it seemed like an exciting opportunity to get more involved.”
What did you enjoy most about the Summer School?
“I really enjoyed getting hands-on experience of working with a local charity on a specific campaign and working with a wide range of different people.”
What are you doing now?
“I am currently an elected officer at Bristol SU representing the views of students to the university and in the wider city and I recently got re-elected to serve for a second year. I am also still active within the Bristol Labour Party.”



Jamie Scott, who comes from Luton, heard about the Summer School through the local Luton Labour Party. As part of the 2014 Summer School Jamie worked with Made in Luton, and he made the video below to showcase the Summer School.

MILWhat made you decide to apply to the Summer School?
“I was already very active within Luton Labour Party and as this was the first year I was eligible to attend I jumped at the opportunity.”
What did you enjoy most about the Summer School?
“I think that being left alone to organise, supply for and run a fundraising event as a whole group was excellent. It was certainly a challenge and I learnt a lot about organising fundraisers, which I think I will find myself doing fairly regularly.”
What are you doing now?
“I am now in the first year of my degree at Aberystwyth University. I am still involved in politics as the Chair of Aberystwyth Labour Students and in campaigning for the general election. I would like to work in creating policy. My key interest areas being education and crime.”