Applications for 2016 Summer School are now open

Gavin Shuker is calling  for local young people and local charities to apply to his Summer School.

The School has so far trained over 80 young people interested in politics and campaigning. This year the programme will run from 25 July- 19 August 2016 and will include a day in Parliament, sickness a three-day residential course and three weeks working with a charity in Luton. The young people will gain an insight into political life and will have the opportunity to meet high profile politicians.

Applicants to the programme should be aged from 18-24 at the time of the Summer School. They do not have to be members of the Labour Party but have to be interested in politics. There is no cost to participants although they will have to arrange their own accommodation in Luton if they do not live in the town. All accommodation and most meals during the first week residential course are covered.

For those applying who require accommodation, ampoule this is available from at the University of Bedfordshire for a fixed cost and we have a limited bursary to help in the most difficult of circumstances. Contact us for more details.

We particularly welcome applications from women and those of ethnic minority background.

Please apply by filling out the application form here. The deadline for applications is Friday 6 May.

Gavin  is also calling for local charities to apply to take part in the Summer School. The charities that participate will have access to the enthusiasm and skills of 8 young people for a period of three weeks to assist with a campaign of their choosing. In the past groups have organised awareness and fundraising operations in the town centre.

Charities wishing to apply should send a short application, information pills of no more than 500 words, outlining the work that they do, details of the campaign they would like the Summer School participants to be involved in, and the support and advice they could provide for the young people during the three weeks. All applications should be sent to Farah Hussain at [email protected]